Keep an eye on my maths blog as I will be adding maths websites as the year continues. Please also ensure there is adult supervision when online as although the websites have been tried & tested, unsuitable advertisements could still pop-up.

https://www.khanacademy.orgKhan Academy is a free online (American) maths resource. Can be used to revise topics or challenge oneself. 3rd grade would be mainly revision. 4th/5th grade to revise and challenge.  (lots of free & tablet friendly games, careful with pop-up ads)


Interactive online games and activities to make learning tables fun! (lots of tablet-friendly games)


Problem solving game involving time;


Games to explore fractions; (tablet friendly games) (some tablet friendly activities)


Games/activities for decimals; (tablet friendly)


Maths challenging puzzle activities (including sudukos & magic squares) (tablet friendly puzzles) (challenging riddles) (power lines)


Activities for division practice; (some tablet friendly activities) (tablet friendly but watch for pop-up ads)