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Here in room 9 the girls have been working extremely hard this term. We are currently learning more about the topic of ‘Time‘ as well revising a range of math’s skills. As a class we have discussed the importance of learning our tables as it makes working with numbers a lot easier for us! So keep up the hard work ladies! 🙂

Our focus over the past week has been on the topic ‘Time’. We have been reading the time on the analogue and digital clocks and we have been learning how to convert hours to hours to minutes and so on.

Below are some tips for learning the time at home:

  • Use an analogue clock or watch to read the time. If your daughter has her own watch she will be able to use it daily and get used to counting the minutes on the clock face.
  • Encourage your child to count ahead using the clock or watch e.g. It is 20 past 2 now, basketball starts at 3, how many minutes is that?
  • Encourage your child to convert minutes into hours and minutes e.g. 94 minutes is the same as 1 hour and 34 minutes (revision of 6 times tables will help, it will help count in 60s- 60,120,180 etc.)
  • Use real life word problems e.g. If I walk into the supermarket at 11.04 and leave at 11.48, how long did I spend inside?

Good Luck!!