Recently we started reading our second novel, ‘Born to Run’ by Michael Morpurgo.

Murpurgo is a fantastic author! This book is a little different as the main character is a dog. We are following the adventures of Best Mate.

Every Thursday we have novel groups. We each have a role to play when reading and discussing.

Word Wizard– find interesting or new words in the text

Artful Artist– visually depict anything about the story that engaged you.

Clever Connector– connect the text to your own lives, books, movies etc.

Discussion Director– write some good questions for your group, think of what you would like to talk about.

Summariser– write and share a short overview of what you have read.


In this session the class is split in three groups. Group one reads with Ms. McCarthy. Group two is working individually on their specific roles. Group three is discussing the book with Ms. Mac Nammee.

We will be reading this novel for homework over the next few weeks. The girls have been advised to read with an adult. The reading can be shared, with both student and adult taking turns of reading. Keep in mind your role for this week’s station.