Dear Parents, Guardians and Pupils,


A suggestion has come from a fourth class member of the Green School Committee about lunches. It has emerged that the amount of farming land needed to sustain animals is much greater than the amount of land needed for growing vegetables, fruit and grains. If more of us were to eat less meat and more plant based food, we would be able to grow more food per acre, and feed more people. Also, animals produce a lot of methane gas (especially cows!), which is very damaging to the environment.

So, here are a few ideas from fourth class about going ‘Meat Free’ for school lunch:


Sandwiches and rolls

Cheese & onion


Cheese & tomato

beetroot & lettuce

cheese & butter

maybe just  butter

cucumber & tomato

tuna & sweetcorn

Other options:

You could have your sandwich or roll with a piece of fruit and a piece of vegetable, and maybe a rice cake or a cracker, or whatever snack you want.