Last week was Engineers Week. Unfortunately, the weather got in our way, but we still managed to fit in a few events.

Guest Speaker 1

Niamh’s dad visited our class. He spoke about his job as an engineer. He got us thinking about ways to fix the traffic problems on the M50. He told us that this is what an engineer does. They think of ways to fix problems. They design, make and solve problems. We found it interesting learning about the printers he has worked on. He told us that maths is a good subject to have if you want to be an engineer.

Working as Civil Engineers

Ms McFadden taught us about different types of bridges. We were then put in groups to design our own bridges. After we designed our bridge we were given straws and sellotape. The objective was to build a bridge that could hold the weight of a roll of sellotape. We created truss, beam and suspension bridges.

Guest Speaker 2

Cara’s dad visited our class. He spoke to us about his job and how it has changed since he left college. He asked us lots of questions and some of us won prizes. We were told that engineers solve problems. We were also told that only 15% of his class were women. We need to change the future and get more girls interested in engineering! We were really interested in an engineers involvement in space missions. We had lots of questions at the end of the talk.


Emily’s dad sent in packs for us to try before Easter. We will be acting as engineers as we discover how to build a prosthetic arm.

A lot of us are now thinking about being engineers when we grow up!