This year’s Bake sale and Coffee Shop took place on Friday 23rd March.


A massive thank you to everyone who supported the event by baking or buying and especially to the volunteers who worked tirelessly on Thursday night from 7pm – 8pm and on Friday from 8.30am until 3.30pm.  It is a very long day, but one of the most fun events of the year as the girls are so excited to be involved.

The kitchens of Clontarf were busy the night before

As we have come to expect, the quality and quantity of baking from the girls and their families was extremely high!

We had a steady stream of parents coming to buy baked goods or stopping for a cup of coffee throughout the day but the main excitement (and the most fun for the volunteers) was when the girls came down, class by class, to the hall to make their purchases.

Our savvy shoppers perused all the goods before making their final choices and also took their chances at one or more of the competitions on offer.


Guess the Number of Marshmallows

There were 910 marshmallows in the jar and our winner with an amazingly close guess of 906 was:

Aoife Hayden


Unicorn Cake Raffle

The lucky winner of this fabulous cake baked by Lisa Persse was:

Daisy Metcalfe


Our two giant teddies were won by guessing Mrs Hurl’s confirmation name (Maria) and the bear’s name (Muffin)

 Our lucky winners were:

Lily Sweeney and Emer O’Toole


A mum from the Infant Girls’ School was the lucky recipient of this fabulous cake in the Parents’ Raffle.


And finally, the big Raffle prize was every girl’s dream and every parent’s nightmare – Pearl the Pegasus.

The lucky, lucky girl who now calls Pearl her own is:

Emily Ritchie


Thanks again for the great support!