We are learning about Italy in geography lessons this month.

We started our lessons by looking at the map of Italy and identifying some cities. We found out Rome is the capital of Italy. Some other famous cities are Pisa, Florence and Venice. Sardinia and Sicily are Italian islands. We drew a map of Italy in our copies and included a key. We marked major cities and natural features (e.g. River Tiber and the Alps).

Isabella’s mum came in and told us about her visits to Italy. Her family are from Italy. It was very interesting learning some Italian and looking at photos and videos.

We have been going to the computer room to research some Italian cities. We are making travel brochures to learn more about Italy.

Ms. McCarthy showed us some photos of her holiday to Italy. Here is a picture of the Cinque Terre.

These five little villages are within walking distance of each other.

She also showed us a picture of a gondola which she took in Venice.


We will be having an Italian day in February (date to be decided), where we will try Italian food and show off all we have learnt. If anyone has any pictures of Italy or any souvenirs please bring them in to show the class 🙂