Hi Ladies,


Thank you for your participation in class so far – I am really enjoying sharing one of my favourite topics in History with you!

As mentioned in class, there is an assignment associated with this module which is due after Mid-Term. The assignment is to be presented on a pyramid, just like the one I showed you. I’ll give you the instructions on how to make it in class, and there’s a link showing something similar below.

There are four sections in your pyramid. You will focus on one Revolution per section. In the fourth section you are to detail how the Revolutions influenced each other, and mention the links between them.

Just in case you are having any difficulty, there is a section on the topic in History All Around Me, a copy of which you will find in your classroom. Below there is a few links to websites that may help you. Remember to ask permission from a grown-up before using the Internet.

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Ms. Carroll


**********Due Date – 12.03.2018******

The American Revolution.






The French Revolution





The 1798 Rebellion




Your Project should look something like this:


A pyramid diorama about the three types of rocks.

Instructions for creating your diorama – https://feltmagnet.com/crafts/Pyramid-Diorama