On Tuesday the 7th of November we had some exciting visitors in 4th class. Isabella’s dad and some of his friends came to talk to us about fire safety. We were very excited when we saw the fire engine parking outside the school.

The firemen arrived in their fire resistant clothes. They explained all their equipment and how it works. We went through some examples on how to prevent fires. It is very important to have a working smoke alarm in your house!

Mick and Dave came to our class. Dave looked very hot in all the fire resistant gear. They were very kind and gave us a safety pack to read at home. They also gave us a money box and a pencil. They explained that if there is a fire in your house it is important to;

  1. Get out
  2. Call the fire brigade
  3. Stay out!

They also told us not to go back in to the house for anything, not even our pets. If your clothes are ever on fire you should not run around, you need to STOP, DROP and ROLL!


We really enjoyed their visit and learned a lot about fire safety!