Following up on our information morning I wanted to give a list of suitable titles and authors for fourth class. Reading is very important!

When children come across new words in different places and contexts they develop a stronger understanding and a more detailed vocabulary. Try using new vocabulary from the reading in daily conversations.


Roald Dahl          J.K. Rowling        Michael Murpurgo          David Walliams     Marita Conlon-McKenna

Enid Blyton


Raheny and Donaghmede library run book clubs. Unfortunately, both seem to be full at the moment but they have included a list of brilliant books they read last year.  Junior 7-10 year olds

There are a few books on the list that I would only recommend for a more advanced reader, such as Wonder or Holes. I feel the messages might be too mature or advanced for the start of fourth class. Jacqueline Wilson has some fantastic books for this age group, but do be aware that she also writes for teens and some of her books are inappropriate for primary school. Be aware of your own daughter’s ability when helping her choose books. Read the blurb together and discuss the choice.

Summer stars have some great tips on how to choose a book with your child, engaging reluctant readers, reading development etc.

Developing Reading

Encourage your daughter to read aloud and discuss the book as you go. I have included some helpful questions from another class blog.