Project on India

The girls will be learning about India in school over the next while. They will have a project to complete on India as homework. Please encourage your daughter to spend approximately 10-15 minutes every day on the project over the next week.

Projects can be written/typed on A4 paper and we will stick them into our scrapbooks in school. Neat handwriting and layout please. Adult supervision when on the internet is vital. Pictures/maps may be included. Please write the information in your own words. Only use information you actually understand.

Due date; Friday 27th October

Length; 2 A4 pages

Topics to consider (may choose 2/3 of these topics); Weather, Animals, Food, Clothes, Daily life, Traditions, Festivals, Famous people and Famous places.

Some useful websites; (some of the language may be quite tricky)  (national geographic video on India)