During October we will be learning about the European Union and countries within the E.U.

As part of geography the girls will be presenting their first project. Each girl has been given an E.U. member country (including the U.K.) to research.

The project will be bound in school and should be presented on a4 sized pages. We have started our research in school, in the computer room. We created the front page of our project during art. We thought about how we could make our project stand out from others in the class- looking at colour, clear writing and strong images linked with our country. We have started a fact file which should be used as a guide when completing the projects.

Now it’s time to continue our project at home. Please be advised that this should be a simple project in your daughters own words. It is due on Monday the 23rd of October 2017.

I have included a number of websites you may find useful when researching at home. The public library is another great source of information.

http://www.ducksters.com/geography/europe.php (scroll down to find your country)

http://www.oddizzi.com/teachers/explore-the-world/places/europe/ (countries along the side)



*Please note: adult supervision is advised when children research projects as external links may not be suitable.