A huge thank you to the members of the Parents’ Association Committee for all their hard work during the year which benefits all our daughters, and to all the parents who volunteered or supported PA events during the year.

Thank you also to Mrs. McCarthy, the teachers and staff for their input and support of PA activities.

It has been a very busy year and below you will find a brief overview of PA activities since September.


Activities and Events

  • Class Contact Lists

The PA produces these very useful lists each year for all year groups.  If you wish to be included please complete the form in September for new additions and updates.

  • 2nd Class Parents’ Coffee Morning

The PA and Mrs. McCarthy hosted the 2nd class parents at a coffee morning in the school garden followed by a tour of the classrooms.

  • Logo Competition

The winning girl’s “Butterfly” logo has appeared on all PA correspondence through the year.

  • Astronomy Workshops

The PA funded these workshops for 4th and 6th classes.

  • Ceilí Mór

An energetic evening of music and dance in Clontarf Rugby club open to all the classes!

  • Table Quiz Day

The competitive spirit was high in the hall for both the 3rd/4th class and 5th/6th class quizzes.

  • 1st Holy Communion Reception

The PA provided a reception for 2nd class girls and their families after the church.  The photo booth proved a big hit with the girls again this year.

  • Croke Park Supporters

The PA subsidized buses for the girls to support their school mates at their GAA football final in Croke Park.

  • My Life Solutions

The PA funded anti-bullying workshops which have been very well received by the girls.

  • Cycle Safety Workshops

The PA subsidized the cycle safety workshops for 5th classes.

  • Science Show (Science Rediscovery)

The PA funded a Science show for each of the 4th classes.

  • Butterflies

The PA purchased butterfly kits for each of the 2nd and 4th classes so the girls could observe the amazing transformation of the caterpillars to butterflies.

  • 2nd Hand Uniform Sale

Each June, the PA sell 2nd hand uniforms and donate the proceeds to charity.

  • The last remaining activity for June is the 6th class graduation reception. The PA will provide the families of the girls with a tea/coffee reception after the graduation ceremony.


Fun Days

  • 2nd class fun day in June

An energetic afternoon of sports and dance for our youngest girls.  A big thank you to everyone who volunteered to make this a highlight of 2nd class.

  • 6th class fun day in June

A full day packed with fun and informative activities for the 6th classes including nutritional information, sports, yoga, cupcake decoration and more.  A big “Thank You” to Nolan’s Supermarket for their generosity in sponsoring this event and to all the volunteers and workshop providers for making this a memorable day for the girls.


A lot of work was done on the garden this year under the watchful eye of Orla Brady.  A number of clean ups took place, thank you to all who helped out on these days   Planting took place for the 1st Holy Communion flower pots which are a lovely keepsake for the girls.

Fund Raising

The fundraisers which enable us to provide these great events, activities and resources are themselves fun activities!

In October, we hosted our annual Hallowe’en Fancy Dress sponsored walk.  The girls really enjoyed the day in costume and they are an amazing sight when they all head out for the walk around Clontarf!

Our cake sale is always a great social event and this year we expanded our offering with a “Pop-up” coffee shop open all day in the school hall.  The baked goods on offer were fabulous and a great day was had by both girls and parents alike.

Our 5th and 6th class girls and parents did a fantastic weekend of bag packing in Supervalu.

The PA also coordinated the Book Fair with Mrs. O’Dea. A percentage of sales goes back to the school & this is used to restock the school and class libraries.

Come Dine with Me

This year saw the 2nd year of our “Come Dine with Me” fundraiser.  Thank you to all the parents who hosted or attended during the year.  You have raised vital funds for the school which is much appreciated, this year laptops were purchased with the funds.  Some great social nights were held around Clontarf this year, so please consider hosting a night when we kick off again in September.

As you can see the Parents’ Association is involved in a number of activities for the benefit of the girls & the school.  Without your assistance we could not hold these events or provide much needed fund raising for the school – but we could always use more help. We hold our PA meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month in the staff room and it only takes an hour!  All are welcome to the meetings, or if you can help out at a specific event, we would appreciate any time you can give.

If you have any queries on any of the activities of the Parents’ Association or if you are interested in helping out you can email

Rachel McGaughey