On behalf of the Parents’ Association I would like to thank you for your continued support for all the events that were run throughout the school year.

We started off with our annual Hallowe’en sponsored walk which raised much needed funds for the school, from these funds we covered the cost of “My Life Solutions” workshops, Catherine Dunphy (choreographing of Christmas show) storytelling in the class room, Jenny Ryan of “My Life Solutions” (parent talk), Bus Hire for ‘fighting words’ & young scientist, W5 Science Shows, photo booth for the 1st Holy Communion, to name but a few.

All funds raised go to paying for activities for our daughters and the maintenance of the garden.

The Parents’ Association also ran other fun events for the girls – Ceilí Mór, Fun Quiz Day, 2nd class fun day & 6th class fun day. We are involved in providing tea & coffees after the 1st Holy Communion & at the 6th class graduation. This year was the first time we had a photo booth for the 1st Holy Communion which was a great success and all the girls loved it, thank you Maria Cassidy for the great idea & organisation. Thank you, Orla Brady, for doing a lot of the ‘shopping’ for this event (and lots of other events) and all who helped on the day. The Ceilí Mór made money this year, well done Aileen Doherty for all your hard work organising this night.

We also ran events to raise funds for IT equipment and maintenance: These events included:

Cake sale, selling of DVD of the Christmas Show, Raffle, bag packing in Supervalu & Nolan’s and most recently ‘Come Dine With Me’ – these funds have been used to clean & replace (where needed) the bulbs for the white boards – 6 new projectors were bought, new laptops were purchased for the teachers & an A3 color printer. We continue to raise funds for IT maintenance. We would like to extend a very big thank you to, Claire Cosgrave, Ciara Ryan, Liz Tierney, Orla Kiernan, Fiona Clancy , Megan O’Connell & Anne Coldrick for hosting a ‘Come Dine With Me’ evening and to all who attend and gave so generously. Well done Liz for coming up with this idea. We continue to hold these evenings so if anyone is interested in hosting a night please contact Liz Tierney or Niamh Creighton.

A lot of work was done on the garden this year under the watchful eye of Martha Holmes. A number of clean ups took place, thank you to all who helped out on these days. The old benches were removed and new stone benches purchased. Planting took place for the 1st Holy Communion which all the 2nd class girls really enjoyed. A tree was planted to mark 75 years of Belgrove Senior Girls’ School. Martha is now moving on and we would like to thank her for all her hard work over the years. Orla Brady & Liz Tierney will be taking over from Martha – no pressure to keep up the high standard ladies!!

The PA also co-ordinate the Book Fair which ran over 3 days. A percentage of sales go back to the school & this is used to restock the school library.

As you can see the Parents’ Association are involved in a number of activities for the benefit of the school & the girls. There are a number of people that are always ready to help out at all these events, thank you so much to you all for your help. Without your assistance we could not hold these events or provide much needed fund raising for the school – but we need more help. We hold our PA meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and it only takes an hour! All welcome, or if you can just help out at a given event, we would appreciate your help.

If you have any queries on any of the activities of the Parents Association or interesting in helping out you can e mail belgrovesgsparentsassociation@yahoo.ie

Niamh Creighton     Chairperson