Dear Parents/Guardians,


Tables are a very important part of third class maths and the girls should be encouraged to work hard at learning them. Everybody learns in a different way and the girls are taught different strategies that they can use to help learn their tables effectively. It is also important that they have an opportunity to put their tables to good use, thereby validating their hard work. To help with this, the girls can use a variety of maths websites with fun multiplication games. A list of good sites is given below, but, as always, please monitor your daughter when using the Internet to ensure her online safety and that she does not navigate away from a recommended site. (The ads can be muted on this site) (This game allows you to select the number you wish to practise and works in multiples rather than products. The ads can be muted on this site) (This game also gives you an opportunity to go over the addition and subtraction tables too!) (This game is a good one, and it can become quite challenging. Note that if you press on the wrong number, you have to click it again to de-select before you can move on.) ( A simple site that offers a table test – might be helpful with learning tables for homework) (This game is good for learning multiples and also knocks points off if you’re wrong!)

Youtube: (some of these videos may help your daughter with learning tables)
Times Tables Rap (The Multiplication tables channel)

Have fun learning!!


Julie Carroll