Dear Parents/Guardians,


As you may already be aware the girls in Belgrove are hoping to earn a Blue Flag for our school. The Blue Flag is given as part of a programme that encourages schools to learn about the European Union and our class has been given the country of Finland to research.

The girls have already been put into groups and given their topics for the ‘Europe Day’ which will take place at a later stage in the year. Below are a few links to sites that may help to make research a little easier.

As usual, please be aware that many educational websites contain adverts and pop-ups, some of which encourage you to sign up or subscribe. With this in mind please make sure your daughter is supervised while she is on-line as although these sites have been checked, she could be redirected to something that may not be suitable.

As regards finished results, the girls are being asked to produce a small  (stress free) project that does not need oral presentation. If you have any questions/ queries just pop in or send in a note. Thanks again to those who have already sent in resources etc.!



Julie Carroll