Dear Parent/Guardian,


Your daughter is studying the UK in Geography this term and will be asked to complete a small project on the topic. Rather than the normal project that includes a written piece and some illustrations I am asking the girls to complete a diorama. A diorama is a 3 D project usually constructed inside a shoe box and  I have uploaded some examples and helpful websites below.

The girls can chose a general project based on the UK or a more in depth look at something specific. For example, a general project may include a picture of weather, a map showing rivers/mountains/towns and maybe landmarks, food or famous people. A more specific project might look at a place, person or event. In addition to creating a project, the girls will be asked to present their work to the class. As part of this presentation they should be able to speak for at least 90 seconds and no longer than 3 minutes about their project (what they have done and why, and what they have learned).

The project is due after the mid term break. Pictures may be printed but hand drawn pictures would be lovely too! Below are some helpful sites for research but please remember that while these sites have been checked for suitability, your daughter should still be supervised while using the Internet as a research tool. Don’t forget the library and asking friends and family for information is also a great way to research your subject.





Help with creating a diorama:

GruffaloDiorama DSC_0177


Helpful research sites:!geography-of-the-uk/c1iuy