Hi Parents / Guardians,

As you know tables are vital and form the basis of maths from third class on-wards. Its very important that the girls know their tables inside out before they finish third class, and, more importantly, are able to use their tables in maths exercises. Some websites that help with multiplication have already been posted here, and hopefully the girls have found them helpful. To help with division tables, there is another list of links at the bottom of the page.
As always, please ensure that your daughter is monitored when using the Internet. The links that are posted have been checked, but please make sure that your daughter does not navigate away from the website recommended. (Oswego.org is the website of a school district in New York that provide good online resources. BGFL stands for the Birmingham Grid for Learning, which is run by Birmingham City Council. )


(this game has a space to enter your name. You can type in an initial or just hit the space bar once instead)



http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/fruitshoot/fruitshoot_division.htm (there are some adverts at the side of this page. These adds can be turned off)

http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/math_division_games.html (the flash cards on this page are very good. Again there are adds)




Hopefully these games will help your daughter to learn and use her tables.