Hello Girls!
This is just a little information about the activity that you are being asked to do over the Mid Term Break. As the Winter Olympics is on in Sochi, Russia this year, our theme will be Russia or Winter Olympics. You are being asked to make a Diorama that shows what you have learned about (a) Russia or (b) The Winter Olympics.
A Diorama is a 3 -d model that is created inside a box. It has a background that may have pictures on it. You can have a different material in the foreground – for example if you were showing skiing, you might use cotton wool to represent the snowy slopes. The Diorama should contain at least three images, and you should be able to explain what these images show and why you have chosen to put them in. It would be good for your presentation if you could talk a little about each one.(For example, if you were taking Russia as your theme, you might show Siberia and put in the reindeer herds. You could then talk about the reindeer – what they eat and why the Natal people follow them.)

Here are some images of some good Dioramas. There’s also a link below to a video that might be of some help! Remember, always check with the grownup in charge before using the Internet, and do not move away from a site without permission!