The 9th-15th of February 2014 was Engineering Week.

We ran a number of activities in the classroom for Engineering Week.

On Monday, Alannah Brayden’s dad came to visit. He is a mechanical engineer. He told us about his job. We were told that in order to be an engineer we needed maths and to have a good imagination. It takes four years in college to become an engineer. However, an engineer must always keep up to date with their education. Alannah’s dad showed us some chess pieces he had made himself. He also told us about a new project he is working on.

On Tuesday we did a number of aeronautical engineering experiments in the classroom. We tested paper planes and balloon speed.

On Wednesday we took a break for water day. Fingers crossed we will be awarded our next green flag!

On Thursday we were software engineers. We used Scratch to design our own cartoons and games. Scratch was created by students in MIT in Boston. You can download and use it at home by following this link;

Remember to ask permission first!

On Friday all the 6th class joined together in the hall for an Engineering and maths quiz.

Where would we be without engineers??!! 🙂