We had to write blogs for homework. Teacher wanted us to show off our vocabulary skills by using interesting words. We had a competition- there were seven winners. Here is one of the winning blogs by Abby Doyle

My first week back in school was atrocious!


I woke up exhausted. I realised it was eight o’clock, so I got out of the bed casually and got dressed into my uniform. I woke up so behind schedule because it was the first week back in school after my wonderfully long Christmas break. Suddenly I heard something screeching outside. I looked out the window, it was the school bus. I legged it, grabbing my coat and my school bag and swiftly ran out the door. I assumed I would catch the bus, but as I came out the door the bus had just departed! I was so bothered that I missed the bus because it meant I had to WALK ALL the way to school!

Eventually I reached the school and was greeted by my teacher, Ms. Honey, who was exceedingly cross and scolded me for being late. Then I entered my classroom- YAWN, YAWN, YAWN! Class had already started and we were straight into maths. Afterwards, was break, which was a great relief, as at this stage I hadn’t fully woken up yet. Then after approximately ten minutes break we continued with the most boring subject on the planet….Irish! We spent a while on that


Today I got up as early as I could and in fact got the bus on time. I felt extremely proud of myself. However I came down to earth with a big bang because when our teacher Mrs Honey handed us a huge test on pretty much every subject. I was not pleased at all. For the rest of the day we all slogged away with geography, history, Irish, English, maths…. Sadly I missed the bus home and had to walk.


Today I got up reasonably early and my dad dropped me to school because I was running a little bit late. We got off early that day because the parent teacher meetings were taking place in the school. The day wasn’t too bad. After break we had P.E. It was really enjoyable. On the bus journey home I was worried about how my parents got on at my parent teacher meeting. I was anxious there might be a bad report.


Today in school I was so bored that I pretended to feel sick. I lounged over the table and said I had the most awful headache. The teacher decided to call my parents and YIPPEE I got to go home early. It was a tremendous day because I sat in bed and watched T.V.


Today is Friday and it’s my favourite day. When I arrived at school the first thing we did was art and a couple of science experiments. I absolutely love art and science. We did art for practically the whole day except for a tiny little test after break, but that was alright. We painted pictures, we sketched, we made things out of paper and we created figures out of clay. It was fantastic! The most brilliant end to a very lengthy week.