Hi girls,

This blog outlines a Water project/poster, which you can work on at home. We have included a pdf file with relevant pages from our text books which you can download to help you.

The following questions will also be of help to you.

  • What is water and how do we use it?
  • What is the water cycle? Draw a picture and label it.
  • Where do we get our water from and is it all safe to drink?
  • Can everyone get water as easily as we do? Why/ why not?
  • How can stop wasting water in our own lives? (5 ways)

Draw and describe your favourite water experiments.

Come up with your own or use one of the following slogans or phrases to help people to remember to not waste water.

  • If you treasure it, you’ll measure it
  • Water seems free, until it ceases to be
  • Don’t let the water run in the sink, or our lives will be on the brink
  • Play your part, be water smart

Here are some websites to help you with your project:

Youtube videoshttps://video.link/w/e2jEb

Best of luck and enjoy!