This term we are studying a new novel called Holes, by Louis Sachar.

Author: In 1999, Louis Sachar won the Newbery Medal for Holes, his 17th book for children. Holes was partly inspired by the extreme Texas heat Sachar experienced when he and his family moved to Austin. It took him 18 months to write Holes – coincidently the same length of time Stanley was sentenced to Camp Green Lake. Sachar stills lives in Austin, Texas, and continues to write books for children.

In class, the girls are completing discussion groups where they are taking on the role of: Discussion Director, Passage Picker, Artful Artist, Word Wizard, Star Summarizer and Colourful Connector.

We are also looking at the main themes in the novel such as injustice, “whatever goes around, comes around”, inheritance and bullying. We are completing comprehensions, character studies (comparing and contrasting Stanley and Hero), looking at quotes from the novel and the setting of Holes.

The vocabulary below will help the girls comprehension skills:

Suggestions for Post-reading Activities