We had a fantastic Maths week in Room 9 this week! We were looking at 2D shapes and how they tessellate. The girls created the most amazing posters!

We also had a blast doing a Maths Trail in the classroom and in the yard. We worked in pairs from our pods and figured out lots of different of Maths problems involving our school

We decorated our door for Maths week too and realised there is so many ways that Maths is used in different ways in different jobs. So of course we had to show the rest of the school what we realised through our door!

We did some great Maths card, dice and online games in school and at home and the girls did super learning of their tables during September so we had a little competition for the Room 9 Queen of Tables. Our winner was Harriet Lee! Congratulations Harriet. We had an award for the person who showed the most effort and work into Maths this week too, our Maths star. And that person was *drumroll*…..Ellen McCann. Well done Ellen!

Well done to all the girls that put in some great work this week and enjoy a well deserved break over the weekend! 🙂