This is for anyone who completed this page in Abair liom

Hi girls,

I hope you are all well and everyone is staying safe. Keep up the handwashing!

Well today was meant to be our Easter Pajamas party and the first day of the Easter Holiday’s. Sad face. These are the great days I miss the most having fun whilst celebrating our hard work.

I sent your parents an email yesterday, asking for three pieces of work that you are proud of. Five girls messaged me yesterday and I see I have a few more today. I hope to hear from you all soon as I would like to see how you all have been getting on over the past three weeks.

Today I am going to attach the answers for our Mental Maths and Busy at Maths work which I would like you to check. You are also encouraged to self evaluate your Go With The Flow work at the end of each page.

I will keep in touch but for now enjoy the Easter Holidays and don’t eat too many chocolate eggs!

Lisa daly