Hi girls,

I’m missing you all but I hope you’re settling into home schooling. I’m just checking in with you to make sure you are all on task. The three third class teachers have been working together to come up with more activities that you can take part in at home to help with your learning.

Check out the updated list below, we have added some extra ideas for you to engage with, if you have the time. Also don’t forget to READ, READ and READ!

Have a look at the Class Art Project under Art!

Make sure you are getting out in the fresh air from time to time (but also remembering your SOCIAL DISTANCING). How many activities have you completed on the PE grid? Also really important – Nigh do Lámha after you have been outside.

I’ve no doubt you are all being really helpful around the house and I’m so proud of you all!

Take care,

Ms Mohan