Hi girls,

I hope you and your families are keeping safe and doing well! I’m really missing seeing all in Room 8 everyday. I hope you have all settled into this new way of learning and this week’s work went okay for everyone.  🙂

I have attached the Busy At Maths answers, tables sheet answers and Mental Maths Answers for week 26. Click on the blue link at the end of my message.

Today I attached each of the pages from BAM with my rough work to try help you figure out some of the trickier questions.

Some of the problems are quite tricky so if you can’t do them all, please don’t worry. Correct the work like we do in school, using your red pen and give it a second go. If it’s still confusing highlight it like last week so we can go over it when you’re back at school 🙂


Mental Maths Week 26 answers

Busy at Maths Week 2

You could also self- correct the following:

  1. Test your spellings in your English copy or out loud
  2. Use the self assessment smiley faces at the end of each Go with the Flow page.
  3. Remember- COPS– (Capital Letters, Organisation, Punctuation and Spellings) when reading over your free writing and ‘Butterfly Lion’ summary
  4. Gaeilge- Foclóir- test yourself out loud


Keep an eye on the blog for updates from me! I’ll be adding next weeks work later on today.

All the best,

Ms. Davey