The topics to be included are;
1. Family life and homes
(What rooms were there in an Ancient Roman house? /What were the differences between a rich Roman and a poor Romans house? /Furniture/ decorations/ mosaic art/ school life etc)
2. Roman army
(uniform of a Roman soldier/ organisation of the army etc.)
3. Gods – research 1/2 in detail
(Appearance of a God? Family connections? Similarity to a planet? Myth about a God?)
4. Entertainment
(Amphitheatres – Colosseum/Gladiators and Gladiator fights/ Circus Maximus/ The Roman Baths, etc.)
5. A timeline
(Start at the founding of Rome and finish at the end of the Roman Empire)

You should gather information on each of the above topics. Remember you should be able to talk about and explain the information you have in your project.
Projects can be displayed in poster format or as a booklet.
Include any other information that you’d like to in your project e.g. Founding of Rome ( Romulus and Remus), Clothes and Food, Emperors, Pompeii or Interesting Facts. You can also add drawings, photographs or diagrams.
To help get you started;
Roman God Research Websites
*Supervision when using the internet is advised. These websites have been checked for suitability, but navigation away from them may not be safe for your daughter.
Books or magazines you have at home are also a great way of getting information.
PowerPoint on the Roman Army: T2-H-035-Roman-Army-Powerpoint
PowerPoint on Roman Gods: Roman Gods.