Hi girls 🙂

Hope all the work is going well so far. Here are the answers to this weeks maths work so you can self-correct your answers (using red pen). If you get a sum wrong, try figure out where you went wrong. If you’re not sure how to work it out highlight it so we can go over it when we’re back at school 🙂


 Busy At Maths Week 1 answers                                    Mental Maths week 25 answers


You could also self- correct the following:

  • Test your spellings in your English copy or out loud
  • Use the self assessment smiley faces at the end of each Go with the Flow page.
  • Remember- COPS- (Capital Letters, Organisation, Punctuation and Spellings) when reading over your free writing and ‘Born to run’ summary
  • Gaeilge- Foclóir- test yourself out loud
  • Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is this weekend! Maybe you could make a card with materials you have at home, or you could do a random act of kindness!