We started work on this project in school, and you have already done some preparation in your Yellow Rectangle copy.

To do your research, use:

  • Small World History
  • History All Around Me
  • Fabulous Facts About Ancient Egypt worksheet
  • Books 0r magazines you have at home.
  • I have included links with more cool information about Ancient Egypt at the end of this page.

Pick 4 topics from Small World History (p46-49). Neatly write your facts on your __ Facts About _____ page. Your choices are:

  • Farming
  • Towns, Homes and Gardens
  • Food and Banquets
  • Clothes
  • Children’s Lives

Include any other information that you’d like to in your project.  This could be drawings, photographs, diagrams, a fact file, or fact flaps.

Pyramid – draw what you’d find in a pharaoh’s pyramid.  I have posted the pictures that were hanging up in the classroom in the class blog to help you.

You will be given time to stick your information in your Scrap Book in school.

Optional: You’ll find more cool information with these links:

Please monitor your daughter carefully when using the internet. These websites have been checked for suitability, but navigation away from them may not be safe for her.