Hi girls,

We hope you got on well with your work this week.

  • Please look back over you Handwriting and use the smiley faces to access how well you have done.
  • Read back over your written work in  your copy, make sure it makes sense and correct any mistakes you find.
  • Remember for Spelling: We Are Learning To* Stop & Think. Do I know how  to spell that word? Is there a strategy that I can use to help me?* Apply my spelling knowledge to all of my work.

    *Check over my work to make sure that it is my best work.

    *Take note of some words that I have misspelled and learn how to spell them.

  • Most importantly Déan do dhícheall!
  • Here are the corrections to the Maths activities.


BAM Weight pg. 156 

BAM Weight pg. 157   


BAM Weight pg. 158   

BAM Weight pg. 159   

Mental Maths Week 25   


Le gach dea-ghuí,

Mrs Brodie, Ms Walshe & Ms Mohan