We have been studying TIME in Maths. We have been using our colourful Rainbow Clocks in class to:
  • Tell the time on analogue and digital clocks, using 5 minute intervals
  • Calculate the time elapsed/duration between two given times
  • Given a time, figure out what the time would be ___ minutes earlier or later.
You can assist your child by drawing attention to Time at home, for example
  • Reading the time on the clock (digital and/or analogue)
  • Calculating the duration of a tv show given the start and end time
  • Calculating what time they will finish their 15mins of Library Book reading
  • Figuring out how many hours and minutes until bedtime
  • Encouraging your child to wear a watch can be very helpful.
Here are some online games that you may find helpful for practising this topic:
These websites have been tried and tested for suitability, but as always, please monitor your daughter carefully while using the Internet .
Have a great TIME trying them out!
Ms Walshe