We investigated how materials can be changed by mixing and we explored the effects of heating and cooling on a range of liquids, solids and gases.

We predicted which type of chocolate (milk, dark or white) would melt the fastest and the reason for this. The girls discovered white chocolate melts the fastest as it has no cocoa solids and a high milk content while dark chocolate is the slowest to melt as it has the lowest milk content and a lot of cocoa solids.

We also made rice krispie buns to show the effects of melting a solid to a liquid and then allowing it to cool back to a solid. We all became aware that the shape of the chocolate would not form into it’s original shape as a solid once melted.

Some of our tests were not fair tests due to human error (water got into some of the cases)! However, we all enjoyed the tasty buns at the end of our work 🙂