Italy (Geography Project): 

We have been learning about Italy (and The Romans) over the last number of weeks.

The Italy project has already been discussed in class and the girls know what project group the belong to. They have already decided on which Italian city and which other Italian topic they are researching in school/at home. The Italian project (unlike the Roman project) will be presented in a booklet format which will be put together in class and at home. Therefore the topics must be presented on A4 paper

Make sure the information you put in your projects is in your own wordswhich you actually understand.

Pictures/diagrams/maps/photos may be included. Use the internet, books from library, travel magazines etc. as sources for your information. Adult supervision when online is very important.


Useful websites for Italy research/project;

General facts;


Facts on some Italian cities; (Venice facts) (Rome) (Florence) (Naples)