A good project is easy to read and the information is presented neatly.  Here are some guidelines to help you.

  • The title of your project is Great Britain and it is due on Friday December 14th.
  • All projects can be 3 or 4 pages of an A3 scrapbook- no longer.
  • You can find your information in: your SESE copy, worksheets, online, books, newspapers or magazines
  • Your project information must be written in your own words.
  • Your project must include at least 4 pictures/ maps or diagrams. They can be hand drawn or printed.
  • You should include a bibliography which is a list of where you found your information.

Here are some ideas of paragraphs to include, remember you don’t have to include all of them!

  1. Where is Great Britain?  How can you get there?
  2. What countries make up Great Britain? What are the capital cities? Are there any famous or well- known places to visit?
  3. Draw the Flag of Great Britain and Flags of England, Scotland and Wales. Do you know when or where they were designed?
  4. Physical Geography- lakes, rivers, mountains, sea
  5. What money is used in Great Britain?
  6. What sports are popular in Great Britain? What are the most famous? Where are they played?
  7. Any event in history that involves England, Scotland or Wales
  8. The Monarchy ( Kings and Queens)
  9. Famous people from Great Britain? ( pop stars, politicians, sports stars, authors)
  10. What animals would you find there? Can you draw them and write about them?

Useful Websites:

Remember, please monitor your daughter carefully when using the Internet as although these websites have been checked for suitability, navigation away from these sites may not be safe for her.

Best of luck!

Mrs Brodie 😊