Italy and The Romans!

The girls have been very busy working in groups and researching for their projects on Italy and The Romans! They have been using websites and books, as well as their excellent creativity and artistic skills to help them along.

Below are some more great websites that will be useful. I hope they enjoy them and find some interesting facts!

Ms. Furness 🙂 


Italy Research 


Here are some other website links that might help you with your project!


BBC Romans

Wide-ranging resource – activities, and games. From the BBC.


Every Coin Tells A Story

KS2 Roman game from Corinium Museum, packed with info on empire, traditions and Roman life. Note – relies on sound.


Roman Centurion

Dress the soldier and find out about his equipment along the way. KS2. From Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.


Bath Bubbles

Fun, fast game based on a visit to the Roman Baths, KS2. Basic level of prior knowledge needed. From Roman Baths Museum.