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Project on India.


  • Neat handwriting and layout please.
  • Length: 2 pages of your scrapbook. ( please don’t write directly onto your scrapbook)
  • Adult supervision when on the internet is vital.
  • Pictures, maps and/or illustrations must be included in your project.
  • Please write the information in your own words and use only information that you understand.
  • Be creative! You can include a poem (acrostic/ shape), artwork, fun facts, maps, stories and a quiz.

Due date; Friday 10th November.


Topics to consider (may choose 2/3 of these topics); Weather, Animals, Food, Clothes, Daily life, Art/Culture, Traditions, Festivals, Famous people and Famous places.

Some useful websites; (some of the language may be quite tricky)  (national geographic video on India)

Best of luck!!

Have fun!

Ms. Foley. 🙂