A thuismitheoirí/a chaomhnóirí,

Confirmation Day

Thursday, 19th May 2016

St. Anthony’s Church at 11.00am

It is now time for the final preparations for your daughter’s important day, when she receives the Sacrament of Confirmation. The following are the arrangements for next week and for Confirmation Day itself.

Monday, 16th May and Tuesday 17th May – Rehearsal:
The girls will be going to St. Anthony’s Church for the allocation of places and rehearsal. They may wear their tracksuits and should wear comfortable shoes for walking and suitable jackets in case of bad weather.

Wednesday, 18th May:
The girls will be allowed to go home at 1.00pm in order that they will be well rested for their big day.

Thursday, 19th May – Confirmation Day:

  • The Confirmation ceremony will begin at 11.00am. Please be in the church by 10.50am as the girls’ Confirmation cards have to be given to them by the teachers as they arrive. The ceremony should be over by 12.15pm.
  • Ms. Brodie and Ms. Carroll’s classes will be joined by children from the Parish Group and children attending the CRC school.
  • Please note: Each Confirmation girl is allocated a reserved place for herself and three others (usually parents/guardians and sponsor). We appeal to you not to bring more than three into the reserved seats. Other family members or relations must sit in the unreserved seats at the rear of the Church.
  • To date, we do not know the main celebrant.
  • Each child’s Sponsor accompanies her/him to the altar when directed. They should place their right hand on the child’s right shoulder to present her/him for Confirmation.
  • The confirmation leaflet will be distributed in the Church on Thursday morning.
  • Please note that camcorders or cameras should not be used during the Confirmation ceremony. There will be ample time for photographs after the ceremony.

Friday, 20th May – Photographer:
The photographer, Tommy Dandy, will be in school on Friday, 20th May. As is customary the girls will wear their Confirmation outfits that day. There is no obligation to buy the photographs and you will get a chance to see them before you decide. After the photography session, the Sixth Class
girls will be allowed home at 12.15pm.

Please contact us if you have any queries concerning any of the above arrangements.

May we wish God’s Blessing on your daughter and on you at this special time in her life.

Le gach dea-ghuí,

Anne McCarthy