Dear Principal,

In the past number of days text, social media messages and rumours have been circulated that a particular registered sex offender has moved into the Clontarf area. This information is inaccurate and is causing some concern with parents and students residing in the general locality.

Some reports suggest that Gardai have informed people that this person is residing in the Clontarf area. This is not the case, Gardai are legally unable to provide information as to whether such persons are or are not residing in an area to enquiries from the general public.

Furthermore any person who is bound by the sex offenders register and the sex offenders act has a risk assessment carried out on them and contact and monitoring by Gardai of that person forms part of this risk assessment. This includes keeping up to date information on where they reside and monitoring these addresses.

Primary Schools complete as part of their SPHE program a module on safety and protection, the “stay safe” program. While presently there is no specific risk or need it is always a good idea to re-enforce this message to children as part of their general personal safety.

It should also be re-enforced that any suspicious behaviour should be reported to Gardai in order that it can be properly investigated.

Kind Regards,

Raheny Gardai.