Hello girls and welcome to the first large project of Third Class. You are being asked to create a project on the topic of New Zealand. You can chose to do a general project or to take a closer look at one particular area – for example, The Maori People, or the geography of the country. You can present your project according to the instructions you recieved in class, but remember, the work should be in your own words – no ‘copying and pasting’ please!
Below are a list of a few websites that may contain information that could help with your research. Please be very careful when using the Internet, and always, always, ask an adult first, and don’t move away from a page without asking permission. Don’t forget to think about other sources too. The library is a great place to find out information. Think about people you could ask – do you have any friends or relations that have visited New Zealand?
PARENTS AND GUARDIANS – below is a list of websites has been sourced that may help your daughter with her research. While every effort has been made to ensure that there is no unsuitable content on these sites, your child should be monitored closely while searching the web.  Many sites that appear suitable for children may contain hyperlinks that navigate to less suitable content, or adverts that lead your child away from the site they are looking at. While the Internet is a very valuable learning tool, please make sure that your child is using it safely! The girls should also be encouraged to use other forms of research where possible and to edit their work carefully before submitting. 


http://www.timeforkids.com/destination/new-zealand (Time magazine’s site for kids)
http://www.teara.govt.nz/en (this is the official government site about New Zealand culture)
http://www.stjosephsuh.school.nz/1/pages/3-welcome (this is the website for a school – you could compare it to a Dublin school website and spot how they are the same and how they are different)
http://opua.school.nz/ (this is another school website)