Méan Fómhair 2011

September  2011

A thuismitheoirí,

Fáilte ar ais. Tá súil agam gur bhain sibh taitneamh as na laethanta saoire.  A particular welcome to the new parents of ranganna a dó (second class), and to the parents of our new cailíní (girls), who have joined other classes.

Enrolment Forms / Baptismal Certificates:

(A special reminder for the Parents of Second Class girls)

Some parents have yet to send in completed Enrolment Forms. It is very important that the school has the information required on this form. If you have not filled in and returned your daughter’s Enrolment Form, please do so ASAP . Also, parents who have not yet supplied the school with a copy of your daughter’s Baptismal Certificate, please do so as soon as possible. This will be returned to you when the date of her Baptism has been checked and recorded.

Extra Costs:

Sincere thanks to all parents who have paid the Booklist Extra Costs so promptly. Some Extra Costs payments are still outstanding and I remind anyone who has not paid these costs yet to try to do so as soon as possible. The total for Extra Costs is €90.00

If by chance your financial circumstances have changed to such an extent that you have a genuine problem regarding this payment, please talk to your daughter’s Class Teacher or to myself.

Please note this is a separate payment to the Voluntary Contribution.

Voluntary Contributions:

On behalf of the Board of Management of the school, I sincerely thank those parents who have also given the Voluntary Contribution to school funds. You will receive an official receipt for this in due course.

The Voluntary Contribution requested is €75 (or €100 per family).

School Lunches:

  • Please ensure that your daughter has a healthy and nutritious lunch each day and continue to include fresh fruit or veg. As well as being good for your child’s general well-being, healthy eating also adds to her ability to concentrate at school. Please try to avoid fizzy drinks, sweet things or chocolate, and to also include other healthy options (e.g. sandwich, pitta bread, rice-cake, etc.). We do not allow crisps or chewing gum.
  • All unfinished lunches should be brought home. In this way, you will know what your daughter is not eating at school.


We now have two Green Flags, and we will be continuing to make sure that we ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ this year also. However, not everything can be recycled at school. We ask the girls to have a little bag at school for bringing home tetra-packs (milk or juice cartons) for recycling at home. It is just not practical to recycle them at school. Too much time would be spent each day rinsing out cartons prior to putting them in the recycling bin. Also, the empty cartons would quickly fill our recycling bins, which are needed for the amount of paper waste a school generates over the course of the month between collections.

We ask you to please ensure that your daughter brings these cartons home.

School Uniforms:

  • Remember that the regular uniform is regular school wear – in other words, your daughter should not get into the habit of only wearing her tracksuit.  If wearing socks only white or navy should be worn with the school uniform please
  • Please ensure that jumpers, tracksuit tops and jackets etc. are clearly labelled with your daughter’s name.
  • Please also ensure that your daughter’s footwear is suitable for school wear and is as flat as possible.
  • Only minimum, safe jewellery should be worn at school.

Morning Supervision:

Please be aware that supervision by staff begins in the morning at 8.40am. The side gate to the yard usually opens at about 8.35am. Children arriving before this time risk being in the rain outside the side gate and should have appropriate rainwear.

Parking and Stopping:

May we remind you to respect the ‘no stopping’ zone outside the school gates and also to keep our neighbours’ gateways clear at all times. For your daughter’s safety and your own, please always use the small pedestrian entrance gate to the school rather than the wider vehicle entrance.

Obair Bhaile: Homework Policy:

Below are the approximate times children should spend on homework:

Rang 2:            20 – 30 mins

Rang 3:            30 – 40 mins

Rang 4:            40 – 50 mins

Rang 5&6:       50 – 60 mins

It is important that you inform your daughter’s class teacher if she is not managing to complete her homework in the recommended time.

School Holidays/Laethanta Saoire:

The list of school holidays has been given to your daughter.  Please keep it in a safe place. It is also available on the school website: belgroveseniorgirls.ie


For the sake of all our children and of our parents, please remain vigilant at all times and check your daughter’s hair regularly.

Fáilte: Parents are welcome!

Please remember that parents are welcome to call to the school. However, if you wish to discuss something with your daughter’s Class Teacher or with myself, it is important to make a prior appointment.

When calling to the school during the day, even just to drop off a lunch, please call to the main door only and ring the Senior School doorbell. The doorbell sounds in the secretary’s office. If she is not in the office at the time, please be patient and try again.

Sacramental Dates

First Holy Communion

There is a parents’ meeting regarding First Holy Communion on Tuesday, 27th September, at 8.00pm in the Girls’ School Hall.

First Confession: Monday, 12th March, 7.30pm St. John’s Church.

First Holy Communion: Saturday, 19th May, 11am.

St.  John‘s Church: Mrs de Burca/Ms. Breathnach

St. Anthony’s Church: Ms. Rowley and Ms. Foley

Sacrament of Confirmation

We are still waiting for approval from Archbishop’s House for our date for the Sacrament of Confirmation.


As you will have noticed the railings outside the school have been painted and I would ask that you do not allow your children to climb on these railings.

Internet Safety: The positive aspects of the internet outweigh the negative.  The Internet is an excellent educational and recreational resource for children.  However, some children have access to social network sites which are not age appropriate.  Please be aware of what your daughter is posting, as it has come to my attention that hurtful comments have been posted up about other children.  Should this happen to your daughter, keep the offending message, as this can be reported to the website owners and the Gardaí.


Le gach dea-ghuí don scoil bhliain nua.

Is mise le meas,


Anne McCarthy